I love to read

I know, for someone aspiring to write enjoying reading should be a given, but what I want to talk about is the sheer joy I get from reading. There are so many things I love about the hobby of reading that it is hard to pinpoint the one or two things at the top. Lets see, there is the vast variety of subject matter, there is the limitless number of personalities to meet, the amazing locations you can learn about, the interesting facts you can learn, the incredible adventures to experience and the intriguing mysteries to unravel… and that’s just off the top of my head.

Let me also say that by reading I mean in all it’s forms. I enjoy sitting down with a book and flipping the pages as the adventure progresses, but I also love the convenience of my Nook and Tablet to open the door to ebooks, of course there is also audiobooks to enjoy. My wife finds it unbelievable that I can read a book and listen to another and not get the stories mixed up, mind you that I do not do both simultaneously but I do use both in the same day often.

logo_bookbubAnd speaking of ebooks. I recently found a great site called BookBub ( www.bookbub.com ) that lists ebooks on sales and even for free. Their links take you to Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or several other distributors so it is all legit. If you have an ereader of some kind, or if you’re like me you have 2 or 3, go check them out. I can’t count the number of free ebooks I have waiting for me to read.

So I am also thinking that I will use this blog to post reviews of the books I read and i hope that anyone reading this that comes across a particularly good book tells me about it. Either post a link to your review of the book or comment a review as you see fit. I will also be reviewing websites that either provide books, provide online stories or that do good book reviews.

Well, I hope someone is enjoying this blog as much as I am writing it. Thank you to those that have chosen to follow me, I hope I make your time worth spending on my words. Until next time…


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