Book Review: One Second After

one second after book coverOne Second After by William Forstchen

Rating: 8/10

I think the best part of a good book is when it makes you think about what you would do if it happened to you. Of course, I pray that the events of One Second After never happen to me, or anyone else.

William Forstchen is a great writer that, after reading One Second After, I went on to read other books from. He does historical novels that put you in the middle of history, One Second After is a modern day tale, but he succeeds in making you fear for your own life while reading.

The basics of the story is that a history teacher in a small town in North Carolina finds himself in the middle of a crisis. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is set off over the skies of the United States and it fries everything electronic. Yes, that means no internet… oh the horror.

But to be serious, the characters in the story have to learn to survive in a world where there nothing electrical. Of course this leads to problems with food supply and medicines, and after reading this book it made me want to horde as many can goods as I could fit in my pantry.

The main characters live in a small town so is a bit easy for them to maintain some civility and order in their town, the writer avoids the problems of a big city loosing electricity by doing this. He does address those issues as the small town is just off an exit of a major highway and as people start to leave the big city the small town has to defend itself from the vagabonds. There are other issues that come from the city that present some major problems, but I will let you read the book to learn about those.

All in all the book presents you with believable characters that you will fall in love with and some real heart wrenching moments that will cause even the toughest of men to cry. This book grabbed me from the beginning and still effects my life today. This book is worth your time to read.

I will be posting more book reviews of stories from William Forstchen as he is a very dynamic writer that creates captivating stories that make you feel as though your life hangs in the balance as much as the protagonist’s does.

Until next time…


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