Book Review: The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant

cover imageThe Legend of the Monk and the Merchant: Twelve Keys to Successful Living By Terry Felber

Rating: 8/10

This was a wonderful book written in a parable style story to teach a life lesson about working for the right reasons. With a forward and endorsement from Dave Ramsey, you know it should make financial sense.

The description of the book from the publisher is:

Every life requires a spiritual foundation.

“Grandfather, you left this…” Julio lifted the leather-bound journal and stepped toward the old man.

“It is yours now,” said Antonio, with a gleam in his eye. “I’ve lived my life according to the twelve principles recorded in it. And if you will apply its principles as I did, your success will be greater than you could ever imagine.”

Be a minister in the marketplace. Terry Felber has written a parable that will transform your life and your business. Many years ago, this ago book helped Dave Ramsey rediscover the marketplace as a mission field–and merchants as ministers. Now let it open your eyes to the opportunities for service and leadership all around you.

Are you ready for a change? The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant will change the way you see yourself, your job, and your purpose.

Now includes personal and small group study guide.

I found that I was thoroughly entertained while learning the lessons in this book. I read a lot of books that help you or motivate you to make a change for the better and find that the characters are paper thin, not with this book. The character of Julio really captures your attention and your heart goes out to him when he goes through some life crises.

The writer, Terry Felber, adds some really nice touches of the time period, late renaissance, to make it feel like this is a true story. I will definitely be adding this to my re-read list of motivational books. I would recommend this book for anyone that is looking for some sound principles and common sense ways of developing a healthy working discipline.

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