Keep a childish imagination.

kids-playingAlthough my wife often reminds me of how childish I can act, that is not the kind of childishness I am talking about today… not that there is anything wrong with that king either.

I enjoy walking around my neighborhood with my wife as it gives us time to disconnect from the modern world (TVs, computers and other things electronic) and to talk with each other undistracted. Of course there is the added benefit that I have a few extra pounds to loose and I need the exercise. About two days ago we were on one of these walks as we passed by some of the neighborhood kids as they were playing.

What really caught my attention in particular this time was that there were no electronics involved in their game, nothing made of plastic and nothing designed by some one else. All they had involved in their game was a stick they fond on the ground and their imagination. It flooded my mind with memories of my childhood when an unknown number of trees lost limbs to my need of a sword, gun or some other weapon to defend myself from the forces of evil, or at least my friend who was getting his own branch to do battle with.

As I thought about it more I believe it was around my teen years that I started to require more and more designed games, either Nintendo or Milton Bradley, and less on my own imagination. Now this is tough to pin down because I have always had a strong imagination and was always willing to design my own board game (X-Men stratego anyone?), even into my high school days I played Dungeons and Dragons and you can probably guess that I was the Dungeon Master on many of those adventures.

In our high tech world it was good to see a discarded tree limb being re-purposed as a magic wand for these kids to cast spells, I believe one was a bubble shield. And the best part? These kids were laughing and smiling the whole time.

As an aspiring writer I think I will keep this memory with me for a long time. I will use to remind me to see the world through a child’s eyes and image things without care for what someone else thinks or has done before me. These kids did not invent wands or bubble shields, but they did not care, it made them laugh and there is no better use for a bubble shield than that.

So here is some homework for you. I don’t care how young or old you may be, go outside and pick up the first stick you see (preferable off the ground as I have already harmed enough trees in my life) and use that stick to do something that makes you laugh, then write about it.

Until next time…


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