Free ebook for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

apirateshonor-jakehawking-jmaucoin-coverWriter J.M. Aucoin is giving away copies of his book “A Pirate’s Honor” free and today is the last day to get your copy. And there is no better day to get free ebook booty and read about a pirate’s adventure than on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So head over to his blog and follow his link to get your free copy from Amazon and then come back here to read the rest of my review:

Welcome back!

A Pirate’s Honor was a fun read that had everything you would expect from a good pirate story. I really like the diverse cast of characters JM created to populate the Broad-Wing. I also prefer to read pirate stories about pirates with some sense of morals, and Captain Hawking does not disappoint. For a short story it does a good job of introducing the cast and developing the ground work for a strong story line. There is even a good twist near the end that makes you want to pick up the others, and for only 99¢ each they are well worth it.

And for those that follow instructions and go to the authors blog, don’t forget to thank him while you are there, you will also see his note on the Krispy Kreme promotion… I am so going there after work today. So, have fun reading this pirate tale and then go get yourselves some sweat booty.

Until next time…


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