IGMS, a treasure trove of short stories

For those not familiar with the sci-fi short story website called IGMS, it stands for InterGalactic Medicine Show. It is the brain child of writer Orson Scott Card and it has been an amazing find for me.

IGMS_logoFrom the About page:

Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show is an online fantasy and science fiction magazine. We are a bi-monthly publication featuring content from both established as well as talented new authors. In addition to our bi-monthly issues, we offer weekly columns and reviews on books, movies, video games and writing advice.

After loosing myself in eight of the Ender’s series books and raising Orson to one of my favorite authors I was surfing his site, hatrack.com, and discovered that he had his own magazine. There is a $15/year subscription for full access to all material, including digital download in your favorite ebook format. I probably do not need to say this, but I got the sub in a matter of seconds after browsing the site.

Since subscribing I have been completely engrossed with the story variety and quality that I have seen so far. With the paid subscription I was able to go back and get every issue and have started reading with issue 1.

Oh, for those fans of the Ender’s Game, ever wonder what Mazer did while floating in near light speed waiting for the new leader of the army? Well, wonder no more. Orson Scott Card wrote a short story called “Mazer in Prison” for issue one, there is even an audio book download of that story, it was a nice addition to the story of Ender.

So to make a long story short, if you like sci-fi and fantasy, and like to read short stories, check this one out. You will not be disappointed, well worth the $15 subscription fee.

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