Site Review: Daily Science Fiction

Digital media has changed the way we consume information, I know… what an original observation, right? Ever since I bought my first Nook I have been reading more and looking for new sources of stories. Now that I have upgraded to an Android based tablet, my options have increased. Also, sometimes reading a full length novel is more time than I have available, so I have turned to reading short stories.

DSF_logoIf you are like me, then have I got a gem for you. Daily Science Fiction is a great website that emails you a new Sci-Fi short Monday through Friday, with Friday’s story being longer than the rest, to get you through the weekend.

On their site you have access to previously published stories, so if you have read through your daily emailed story and still want to read more, they have several years worth of stories you can read.

I have found that I have enjoyed each story I have read, some more than others, but none have been a waste of my time. This is a credit to the editorial board of the DSF.

Now, for those of us dreaming of being a published author, DSF offers a way to get your short stories published. They accept unsolicited original stories. Check out their submit link on the right side of their site for details.

So go sign up for the daily email, you will miss out on some great ready if you don’t.

Until next time…


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