Review of Save the Males: Why men matter Why women should care

A couple of days ago I read a great book review, and I have been rethinking about it continually. The reviewer authorjanebnight, made some great observations.
She talks about how there is a short fall of men getting involved in reading and writing. Now, neither she nor I are saying that men do not read or write, I for one am a man who does, but simple that there is a shortfall.
But I think she can say it better than I can, so go check out her book review of “Save the Males” by Kathleen Parker, and judge for yourself.

Books, Books, and more Books



Summary- This book is a non fiction book that looks at how the feminist push is hurting males.

Rating B

This book is a really great read. It was fun and informative. For me I especially enjoyed it because I shared many of the same views as the writer. If you are a hard core feminist then this book is not for you.

I grew up in a culture where men were in charge. As a teenager I became part of the  “girl power” movement. Girls ruled and boys drooled.

As I grew up and especially once I met my boyfriend (13 years ago) I started thinking that maybe some sane middle ground was a better place to live.

Men are not portrayed pleasantly in the media overall. Sitcoms show most men and husbands as bumbling idiots. I didn’t know if anyone else had noticed. But Kathleen Parker did…

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