Book Review: Air-Ships, Dragons, Shape-Shifting Snakes and More

Air-Ships, Dragons, Shape-Shifting Snakes and More by Dorothy Keckler

Rating: 6/10

air-ships_coverThis was fun, I came across this book on Dorothy Kecler’s blog here on wordpress. It was exciting to see someone going through the self-publishing journey and selling their stories on Amazon, so I had to purchase the book and experience this first hand. Then, with all that excitement building high expectations, the anthology did not disappoint.

As the the title gives hints to the stories inside, there is an eclectic assortment of short stories in this book. Dorothy really shows a versatility in story telling skills with this. From steam-punk to fantasy, from vampires to shape shifters, I found the journey entertaining and fun.

I really enjoyed the story “The Untamed Rattler”.  The character of Cynthia was awesome and it made me want to read more about her. I would humbly request Dorothy explore this story and see if she can tell a full length story about the world of Cynthia.

The story “Sorrow Under The Moon” was by far the most exciting of the short stories. The action was fast pace and reminded me of watching a Matrix gun fighting scene. I could picture this being a comic book story as the words painted a picture of a monumental battle to the death.

Some stories did not entertain as much as others. “Protect the Vampire” did not grab me and “Baking Days and Spice Parties” felt more like a school assignment than a passionate story the author wanted to tell. I am sure some will like these stories, as they are well written, they just fell short of some of the other stories.

I would recommend this book for anyone to read. Because of the variety in the stories, even if one or two do not strike your fancy, there will be three or four that do. Over all, for $1.50 you get seven wonderful tales, and you can show your appreciation for independant art. So go buy this book, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thank you Dorothy for having the courage to put this together and let the world in on your stories. You inspire me  and show that there is a real chance to publish my stories… some day.

Please visit Dorothy’s blog about this book HERE

Go buy her book at AMAZON

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