#Pokemon X and Why?

pokemon-x-y-logoOctober is nearly halfway gone and November is 19 days away, NaNoWriMo is almost here, the last thing I need is something to take up more of my time. Enter Pokemon X/Y.

I have been playing Pokemon since it started, I have played every Gameboy version and I even played the card game, so when a new generation was being introduced for the 3DS I was excited, but now that I am looking toward NaNoWriMo and eliminating distractions I am hesitant.

Of course I have just under 3 weeks before NaNoWriMo starts, plenty of time to play to a point of putting it away in November, but I was hoping to get some more writing practice in. There is also the positive that in November I know there will be times that I am burned out on writing and will need a break, Pokemon could provide that, but I know how addictive these Pokemon games can become.

Oh well, my whole family will be playing and I enjoy doing things as a group, so I will be knee deep in wild grass looking for wild pokemon to capture by noon today, and loving every minute of it.

Until next time…


One thought on “#Pokemon X and Why?

  1. LOL I haven’t been playing Pokemon for that long. (I started with Black 2.) Of course, I don’t get bogged down in games as much as some people do…. So Pokemon X shouldn’t really hinder me too much during November. 🙂

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