Meeting Debbie Viguie

Anytime you can get the chance to meet someone who is successful at something you are interested in, you should take what they say and incorporate it into your craft. For writers, we are lucky enough to have access to published authors, literary agents, publishers and so many other professionals involved in the craft of creating books. I will confess that I have not been involved long enough to have a list of people I have met so far, but if any of them are as helpful and friendly as Debbie Viguie, this is going to be fun.

The-Last-Grave-CoverLast Thursday a local writer’s group in Kissimmee hosted New York Times best selling Author Debbie Viguie for a Q&A session about being a published writer. It was my first time attending the writer’s group meeting, but with NaNoWriMo getting closer I wanted to see if they had any plans to participate. I saw on their agenda that an author would be there, so my daughter Samantha and I went there with no expectations and came away with a memory.

Debbie started off talking about her life as a writer, why she chose to be a writer and some of the things about being a writer that she enjoys. As an example, she noted how the writing community is extreme friendly and she enjoys meeting other writers. Of course this makes me feel good about getting involved more in the writing culture. My daughters have done some acting and I can tell you some horror stories about that community, but I would prefer to stick to talking about Debbie.

I also appreciated that Debbie was very open during the Q&A portion of the talk. The people in attendance had a large variety of questions for her and she did not shy away. This is when she recommended Rhapsody of Fire to me for music to write by. She also said she did her best brain storming in the shower.

Debbie did give a great piece advice for published authors. Self marketing is a very important job for an author once your book is published and one easy way to do this is to sign your books. She wasn’t just talking about events, what she suggested was to walk into a book store that has your book on the shelve and offer to sign your books. The book store can then sell it as an autographed version and customers will buy signed books quickly. Some people will buy a book because it is signed, as a collectors thing, and this helps get your book sales moving.

Lastly she also told us about a mentor project she has call “Viguie Institute”. Her site describes it this way:

Now offering the Debbie Viguié Writing Course!

What does it take to be a bestselling, critically acclaimed author who releases 4-6 new books each year? Find out how New York Times Best Selling Author Debbie Viguié does it all, and produces books at such a fast pace that it has most other authors scratching their heads.

This course has been painstakingly designed for beginning to intermediate writers who want to hone their craft. The reading material provided gives solid guidance in the basics of building a good story. The invaluable insights from the career of a New York Times Best Selling Author help illuminate numerous aspects of the craft and the business of writing. There are also several exercises included to help you hone the critical skills necessary to craft a compelling story, one that agents, editors, and readers will want to devour. You’ll cover all the basics including: character development, plot, dialogue, point of view, audience, and pacing. Also included is a step-by-step guide that can help you get your book written in as little as four months.

Included in your writing course are:

  • Individual modules addressing key areas of writing complete with anecdotes, real-world advice, examples of both good and bad storytelling, and practical exercises
  • Genre specific guidelines to help you as you choose what type of story you’re writing and help you address the particular challenges of that genre
  • Practical suggestions and tips for overcoming writer’s block, getting the middle of the story finished, finding the time to write, and overcoming plot problems
  • Tools to help you explain the essence of your book easily and quickly to agents, editors, and yourself
  • A four month writing plan that can help you achieve your goal of having a finished book
  • $100 credit toward a future Debbie Viguié Writer’s Conference or Retreat (some restrictions apply, subject to availability)

Sounds like I know what to ask Santa for this Christmas.

Over all it was a real pleasure to meet Debbie Viguie. She gave of her time and it was a real inspiration for me to pursue writing more so that someday I could give back to others in the same way. Please take a moment to visit her website,, and if any of her books look interesting to you please support her with a purchase.

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4 thoughts on “Meeting Debbie Viguie

    1. Thank you, I thought the signing idea was brilliant and look forward to the day I can do that. She also mentioned that some book stores place a sticker on signed books, so talk to the workers to let them know you signed the books.

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