#NaNoWriMo soundtrack – Part 1

Music has always been a big part of my life. Some of my favorite memories involve music in one way or another. From riding in my grandfather’s car while Frank Sinatra sang, traveling with my parents with Van Halen or Elton John on the radio, hanging with friends in high school listening to Danzig or Metallica. Then there were the concerts, Joe Walsh and Glenn Fry with my father, Bon Jovi, Skid Row and Bad Company with my mother, Megadeth with my best friend, Weird Al with my wife (best concert ever). I also had several friends in bands and seeing them live on stage was a huge blast.

I was one of those people that listened to music while falling to sleep. I would have music on in the back ground when I would do homework or would be doing what ever hobby I was involved in. Even today I like to have music on while pounding out code at work or at home. It is only natural that I would want to have music to listen to while writing, and if I am building a memory with NaNoWriMo I want a sound track to go with that memory.

For part one of the soundtrack project I want to focus on some new music that I will be listening to and in part 2, to come soon, I will talk about some old favorites that I will use to motivate me through the NaNo marathon.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Viguie, a New York Times best selling author of the Wicked series. I am working on a blog post about meeting her and what she talked about to be published either today or tomorrow. The one thing that came up in the Q&A that pertains to this post was music, I know… you’re shocked, right? Debbie talked about how she enjoyed listening to music while writing because it helped her push distractions out of her mind so she could focus on her stream of story telling thought, and I identify with that totally. So I asked her if she could recommend some music and her answer surprised me.

Rhapsody_Of_Fire-The_Frozen_Tears_Of_Angels-FrontalHer recommendation was a band I had never heard of, Rhapsody of Fire. There is a good reason I had not heard of them, they are an Italian band and plays more to the European audience. But I gave them a try, thanks to Spotify, and I am hooked. With a combination of heavy metal power cords, orchestrated music and an epic sound track feel to their music, they play the perfect music to write fantasy to. Just look at the album cover, that just calls for an epic fantasy tale to be written.

They are very original and the music really gets you lost in thought. They even throw in Christopher Lee narration of their own story, like a rock opera. I do get reminded of bands like Manowar or even Mannheim Steamroller, if Mannheim Steamroller was fronted by Dave Mustaine.

If you want to give these guys a try, I would recommend “The Frozen Tears of Angels”, the titled track is nearly 16 minutes long, but the music is awesome. I thought I would be distracted by their vocals being in Italian (or some language not English) but it only added to the epic fantasy feel. Most of their music is on Spotify so you can give it a listen, get hooked and then go buy their CDs to support them.

So, while you are jamming to Rhapsody of Fire you can look forward to my soundtrack part 2 article were I will be talking about more classic bands like Lynard Skynard, Skillet, Jim Croce and Primus. Never thought you would see that list of bands together, did you?

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo soundtrack – Part 1

  1. I listen to a group called Vitamin Strong Quartet. They do covers of popular songs. If I need to be distracted, I have to figure out what song it is. If I need to focus on writing, I can just hear the music and enjoy the ride.

  2. I love music but I’m a bit too ADD to listen to it when I write. If I listen to any kind of music at all when I write it has to be classical music because it doesn’t take my attention away from my writing too much.

      1. I never considered myself much of a classical fan, but at your suggestion I gave it a try today…. look for my blog post either later today or tomorrow 🙂

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