Book Review: Ben Franklin For Beginners

Ben Franklin For Beginners by Tim Ogline

Rating: 7/10

franklinBenjamin Franklin is one of the most fascinating people in history, I would say a jack-of-all-trades, but he is more like an ace-of-all-trades. Responsible for setting the standards by which so many professions are measured and the inventor of things that still effect out world today, his story should be studied by every person.

This book really brings Benjamin Franklin’s story to life in an easy to read and entertaining way. I am one of those history geeks that can read in-depth and exhaustive biographies with a smile on my face and come out the other end wanting to talk to everyone I know about the life I just read, this book thoroughly entertained and enlightened me on the life of Benjamin Franklin, but this book is also for the rest of you.

The life of Franklin is presented in bite size chucks that are easy enough for any age reader to digest, but packed with enough information to keep even the stoutest of history geek’s attention. It starts with the birth of Franklin and tells his story all the way till his death. The information is presented so in-depth that it could be used as a school text book, yet fun enough to be entertaining as a weekend read.

Are you seeing the trend. I can’t say this enough about this book. It presents a ton of facts and historical information on Franklin, but in a very entertaining way that you can sucker your kids into learning something while they are looking at great illustrations. A real win-win for everyone.

Book description from publisher:

“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you’re dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

Benjamin Franklin narrated, and lived, the Great American Success Story. As America’s prototypical polymath, he excelled – and even defined – a number of professions including printer, writer, postmaster, scientist, inventor, public citizen, politician, and diplomat.

He was a cornerstone in the foundation of the United States. He discovered practicable uses for electricity. He was America’s first great satirist. He founded the University of Pennsylvania. He invented bifocals. He was a legendary ladies’ man. He was all of these things… and he was so much more.

Ben Franklin For Beginners, written and illustrated by Tim E. Ogline, opens the book on Benjamin Franklin and tells the story of his life and times with wry wit and whimsical drawings.

I want to thank author/illustrator Tim Ogline. He does a masterful job with this book and I am happy I was able to read it. I did win this book through goodreads First-Reads program, Tim even signed the book with a free hand drawing of Franklin, but I would have bought this book if I had not. This is also only one of many books in the “For Beginners” series and I will be looking to pick up more of them if they are all this well done. Do yourself a favor and check this book out.


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