Site Review: Book Sneeze

How would you like to receive free books to read and review for your site? I know, who wouldn’t. Let me tell you about Booksneeze.

Great books are contagious. Booksneeze gives them to bloggers for free.

I started with Booksneeze a while back and have enjoyed their service. The site is a service provided by publishers Thomas Nelson, Zondervan and Westbow Press. All three are Christian based publishers and publish a wide variety of Christian fiction and non-fiction books.

booksneeze_badge_lgAs a Booksneeze blogger you get to choose books from a list of available books, which is always filled with a large variety of books, both hard copies and ebooks. Once you receive your book you are asked to read it and then post an honest review on both your blog and a commercial site like Amazon. When that is done you can then request your next book.

There are some guidelines and requirements you must meet to be accepted to the program, and not everyone gets accepted, but if you are accepted you will enjoy high quality books for the cost of your time.

If you are interested go check out their site and submit an application. You can also see reviews from others on that site.

Until next time…


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