Blog Spotlight: Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

I have been a proud member of the WordPress blogger community for just over a month, and I have really enjoyed myself. I am amazed at the support I have received from so many great visitors to my blog and the comments they leave, thank you one and all. I have also enjoyed visiting other blogs just as much. Getting to read the thoughts of other writers and readers. hearing about their adventures in publishing, writing and life in general, has become a highlight of my day.

So I would like to take time every once in awhile to spotlight one of these blogs and recommend you go check them out. Much like my Spotify playlist, my blog reading is quit eclectic. For my first spotlight I want to direct your attention to a very unique blog.


Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations is a blog written by Joachim Boaz. He must own one of the most amazing collections of classic Science Fiction books in the world, and his blog is a collection of reviews of those books.

His reviews are very insightful and gives you a real feel for the book he is reviewing. His latest review is of a book called Doomsday Morning by C.L. Moore. Let me apologize to all the C.L. Moore fans that are reading this, but I have never heard of this writer. But Joachim gives her an introduction like she is one of the great sci-fi writers of her time. I really appreciate at the time he gives to the introductions of these writers, talking about other works they have done and showing some respect for history, it is really interesting.

The content reviews are always in-depth and exhaustive. Joachim does his best to hide spoilers, after all he wants you to read these books and not just his review. He uses plenty of plain English in his reviews and doesn’t just use keywords, he breaks the reviews down to an easy to understand level.

One of the real fascinating parts of his blog is the pictures. The classic sci-fi book covers are an art form of themselves. Joachim provides many images of these great works of art, and even does an cover art review.

If you are a fan of science fiction stories, go check out this site. If your an art fan that likes 1950s sci-fi art, check this site out. If you want to find a gem of a book hidden in the sands of time, check this site out. Do you get what I am suggesting here… yes, you need to go check out Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations.

When you visit Joachim’s blog let him know how much you like it by commenting, we bloggers love comments (yes, that is a hint to comment on my blog also). Tell him Arphaxad sent you. And if you have an interesting blog, you may see yours spotlighted here in the near future.

Until next time…


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