Book Review: Die Trying

Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2) by Lee Child

Rating: 6/10

This is the sequel to Killing Floor, that I review earlier in the month, and continues the story of retired military police officer Jack Reacher.

Goodreads Description:

When a woman is kidnapped off a Chicago street in broad daylight, Jack Reacher’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s kidnapped with her. Handcuffed together and racing across America toward an unknown destination, they’re at the mercy of a group of men demanding an impossible ransom – the woman is worth more than he can imagine.

die_tryingIf you read Killing Floor and are continuing the series the first think you will notice is that this book is presented in third person and not first person, like Killing Floor. I preferred the third person perspective style of Lee Child. At times I felt Killing Floor was moving too slow and spent to much time describing what was going on, Die Trying stills paints a picture for your mind, but feels like there is much more going on.

The one thing that I did not care for with Die Trying, or at least it distracted me from the story, was the characterization of the kidnappers as “right-wing militia” types. Also, making them conspiracy theorists is also a tired old characterization for some nut job in the woods. I understand the book was written in 1998, but those types of “bad guys” were all ready over used and I had wished Lee could have more original.

Aside from his antagonists being rehashed stereotypes I thought the situation Lee put Jack into was well thought out and offered plenty of suspense. It kept me guessing all the way till the end and I was never sure if Jack was on the right trail or if he was heading into a trap.

I will be continuing on to book 3 in the series shortly. Still can’t believe they cast Tom Cruise in the role of Jack Reacher, there are so many other actors that fit the description better. But, I am waiting to watch the movie until I get to the book it is based on. The books are always better and I don’t want the movie to give away anything until I get to enjoy the book.

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