#NaNoWriMo starts in 2 weeks!

OK, this is getting crazy. It was just over a month ago that I decided to do NaNoWriMo and thought to my self, “You have 2 months to wait, you have plenty of time.” Now here we are, 2 weeks away.

nanowrimo2As a planner, through and through, I have been using this time to prepare as much as I can so that I can just do a word dump come November. Let me check my to do list.

  • Plot: The Blacksmith of Milani : A hard working young blacksmith must help a noble prince clear his name of treason and save a beloved king from the conspiracy of the corrupt advisers he is surrounded by.
  • Characters: I have worked out full character sketches of my main characters and their families, will work on side characters to be done before November 1st. Look for a post next week where I introduce my protagonist.
  • Writing Place: After some experimentation I think I will need to either separate myself my the living room, or at least turn off the TV when writing. I am also planning on attending some Write-ins in my area and would like to just go to the library to sit and write at times.
  • Writing Tools: Scrivener will be my software of choice. I write mainly on my laptop, but will also utilize my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.
  • Writing Buddies: List is growing, but always looking to add more. There is also my daughters, who will be writing, and my beautiful wife is always there to kick me in the butt if I am getting lazy.
  • Schedule: My brain doesn’t kick in until 10am or 11am (don’t tell me boss because I clock in at 7:30am) so I will do most of my writing in the evening. I would like to try some morning writing, but not holding out hope for that.
  • Soundtrack: Looks like classical is going be my go to music. All though I will turn to my classics in time of need when my motivation is running low.
  • Food: Staying healthy. I am adding another goal to November. 50k words and 10 pounds in 30 days! I want to loose 10 pounds in November, and that includes Thanksgiving, so I expect it to be a real challenge.

Not bad, I think I am ready. A few loose ends to tie up before November, but nothing that would cause problems. I will be focusing on finishing the first draft of my current WIP over the next two weeks, but won’t cry if it is not done before then.

Also, had another wrinkle in my schedule come up for November. On the first Monday of NaNoWriMo, November 4th, I have jury duty. I have mentioned before that I am a geek, so it is no surprise that I enjoy jury duty. I like being a part of the civil process. The wrinkle is that it will take a chunk of my day that I will not be writing. Now, Monday is normally a work day, so it shouldn’t interfere to much. besides, I will have my tablet with me and I can write on that.

So, how is your NaNoPrep going?

Until next time…



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