Introducing Daren Armstrong

Daren Armstrong is the star of my NaNoWriMo story and today I would like to introduce him to you.

DarenDaren is the oldest of three children born to Kolver and Madeline Armstrong of Lakeshore Village in the Kingdom of Milani. He has a younger sister named Edelina and his baby brother’s name is Turner, all though no one would call Turner a baby to his face.

The Armstrong family operate a blacksmith business in Lakeshore and are the chief suppliers for the village farmers and garrison soldiers. Known for producing the most durable tools, the Armstrong blacksmith products are prized by those that own them and use them.

Daren is a thinker, always looking for ways to improve the tools they make and refine the process to be more productive. He dreams of one day making weapons for the royal army and it’s commander, Prince Gerard Beaumont.

As Daren is nearing the age that he will need to go out and establish himself as a blacksmith, away from his father’s forge, he is feeling the pressures to do something special. Unfortunately for him, the Hydgode family who control the Blacksmith’s Guild, and are the richest blacksmiths in Milani, have the last say in who gets what contracts. Jakys Hydgode is the same age as Daren and will be competing to develop the newest blacksmith shop in the village, and the political influence of his father, being the head of the guild, will give him the upper hand in getting the much needed contracts.

This pressure to establish himself is also holding him back from pursuing his love of Helen Sadler, the most beautiful girl in town and the daughter of the village farmer. Little does Daren know, but Helen has been trying to get him to court her for years and is only waiting for him to get up the courage to ask permission.

COVERSo Daren continues to work hard, believing the only way to be worthy of courting Helen is to establish himself as a master blacksmith in Lakeshore. In my book, The Blacksmith of Milani, Daren will be given a choice to either accept what life is handing him or to blaze his own trail to becoming a master blacksmith. He will need to find his voice if he ever hopes to see his dreams come true and to win the hand of the women he loves.

As any other work in progress, some aspects of Daren may change, all though I am growing to like this kid as he is. He is one of many characters I plan to introduce my readers to, and I hope you will enjoy meeting them all.

Until next time…


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