Book Review: Second Foundation

Second_Foundation_AsimovSecond Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Rating: 8/10

As I continue my journey through the award winning Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov I reached book 3, Second Foundation. I will say first that it does not surprise me why this series is at or near the top of every list of greatest science fiction stories of all time.

The first Foundation book was amazing. Asimov set the stage for a remarkable story and I am glad he did not stop there. Book 2, Foundation and Empire, continued the story in a logical path and wt my appetite enough to want to read book 3 as soon as possible. I am only glad I did not have to wait for them to be published in real time and have the luxury of reading all three together.

Like the other books, Second Foundation is told in two separate stories that are connected by the story arc of the Foundation. The first story continues just after book two ends and wraps up the story of the Mule.

I liked the way Asimov completes the second story, it has a great ending and really sets the mood for what I feel is the better story. The second story is where the good stuff happens. Keeping my tradition of not giving away spoilers or plot elements I will leave it at that.

Orson Scott Card names the Foundation Series as the books that inspired him to become a writer, and after reading all three I can see why. Asimov tells his story more through the conversations of his characters than through their actions, much as Card does in his Ender Series. It makes you feel like your a part of the conversation and I found myself wanting to shout at the characters to be heard when I felt they were off the trail of the mystery.

If you have not read any of the foundation series and like science fiction… whats wrong with you? OK, so I didn’t read them until recently and have been a sci-fi fan for my entire life, so don’t get offended. But you really should read these, all three. You will do yourself a great disservice to not.

If you have read them… wasn’t that awesome when Arcadia went to that planet and did that thing? If you don’t remember, it is time to read them again.

I expect my reading to slow down a but during NaNoWriMo but I have some books on my to-read list to tackle and I want to get back on the trail of Jack Reacher. Look for a review of Tripwire to come soon.

Until next time…


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