#ProjectREUTSway by @REUTSpub

November is filled with challenges for writers of every type, from your personal challenge to finish your current Work In Progress (WIP) before the end of the year, to the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge of 50k words in 30 days, and now we can add Project REUTSway to the list.

REUTS publishing is an author driven publishing group (very interesting what they have going on, you should check them out) and to coincide with NaNoWriMo they are putting together Project REUTSway. Here is the information from their site:

prw-finalREUTS is participating in NaNoWriMo 2013 – but in typical REUTS “fashion”, we’re going to turn this writing trend around, and make it a collaborative process. Which means, WE WANT YOU, and your fabulous talents! Our goal for this year’s NaNoWriMo is to go above and beyond the 50k word mark, to create something truly groundbreaking – and with your help, we know we can do it.

Welcome to Project REUTSway, an interactive and innovative “offshoot” of November’s NaNoWriMo contest, which will allow the online writing community to become REUTed in a fabulous anthology…together.

***The theme of this anthology will be announced on November 1st, 2013 – so make sure to check back for all the deliciously gory details!***

Now that sounds interesting. for details on how they are running this check out their site at www.reuts.com/project-reutsway. What is really interested about this, besides the challenge to write something different, is what they are offering as a prize:


At the end of the month, the REUTS team will take 10-20 of our favorite submissions and work directly with the authors to revise, edit and polish each story until they fit into a colorful but comprehensive “collection” with a similar theme. This final runway (REUTSway) collection will then be published (that’s right, PUBLISHED!) and part of the proceeds will go to Reading Tree/Discover Books, a “green” charity which promotes literacy in the US by keeping books out of landfills, funding library sustainability,  providing books to low-income families, and more…

So, if this sounds interesting to you, you can go check them out at the link above. I mean, since 50k words in 30 days is so easy, why not add another writing challenge to your to-do list.

Until next time…


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