Blog Spotlight: The Book Cover Machine

Authors know that readers will always judge a book buy its cover. So when I came across this blog for a cover graphic designer I had to bookmark it immediately.

The Book Cover Machine blog is for graphic designer Laura Gordon, here is the about page:

Hi there! My name is Laura Gordon, and I am a professional book cover designer and artist. I make both pre-made and custom covers.

I recently partnered with The Book Cover Designer as my current avenue of creating and selling pre-made book covers. I would probably say that I specialize in the more fantasy-themed covers (I love to read, write, and design everything fantastical!) but I try to keep a good variety going.

Making book covers is like eating chips, for me – I can’t eat/make just one. Once I sit down to make a design, I end up cranking out a few (if not a dozen) at a time. So be sure to check my gallery frequently for any book-cover needs. Chances are, I’ll have something similar to what you want. And if I don’t, but you like my work, feel free to check out my Custom Covers page for info on commissioning me for a custom job!

I have to say that the work she had displayed are amazing. There is a large variety of cover templates to choose from. I do have to warn you though, if you start looking around her gallery you will loose hours of your life.

Another great thing about her designs, they are affordable. Even with the high quality of the covers offered, she keeps the price in range for independent self publishers. Now there is no excuse for a poor cover on your book.

Not that I think it is possible, but if you do not find a pre-made cover that fits your book, Laura does offer custom covers and she has started to offer illustration.

So if you have finished writing your book and are in need of a first class cover, go check out The Book Cover Machine.

Until next time…


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