Happy NaNo-Eve!

2013-Participant-Vertical-BannerYa, I know, most people are celebrating this Halloween thing, going door to door begging for candy dressed in costumes, but today is NaNo-eve in my world. When the clock strikes midnight I can officially start telling the story that has been building in my head for the last six weeks.

Of course I am a little sad, knowing that some where in the world it is already NaNoWriMo and writers are gleefully pouring out words. I wish them all the best, I just can’t wait to join them.

I would also like to wish all the best NaNoWriMoing to everyone on WordPress that will be joining my blog list. I will be posting that list later today so you can see who is blogging their adventure. It is never too late to add your blog to my list, just let me know you will be blogging about NaNoWriMo writing and I will add your blog to my list.

Well, my plot has been tweeked and worked over several times so that it is ready to go. My cast of characters have names and roles to fill in the story line. The world has been created and maps drawn. They are all waiting on their benevolent creator to come and tell their story.

Also, don’t forget tomorrow is the announcement of the #ProjectREUTSway theme.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Happy NaNo-Eve!

    1. I have two kids prepared to go out and gather for our house 🙂

      All though I plan to be home to hand out some to our visitors, and maybe tweak my plot a bit more.

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