Book Review: A Man Called Blessed By Ted Dekker and Bill Bright

A Man Called Blessed By Ted Dekker and Bill Bright

Rating: 6/10

man_called_bless_DekkerBook Description

One man holds the key to finding the Ark of the Covenant.

In this explosive sequel to Blessed Child, Rebecca Soloman leads a team deep into the Ethiopian desert to hunt the one man who may know the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. But Islamic extremists fear that the Ark’s discovery will compel Israel to rebuild Solomon’s temple on the very site of their own holy mosque in Jerusalem.

They immediately dispatch Ismael, their most accomplished assassin, to pursue the same man. But the one in their sights is no ordinary man. His name is Caleb, and he is also on a quest—to find again the love he embraced as a child.

Ted Dekker is a New York Times best-selling Christian author best known for mystery, thriller, and fantasy novels including Thr3e, Obsessed, and the Books of History Chronicles. He teamed up with Bill Bright, The founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, to write this novel.

The story is the sequel to Blessed Child, which I have not read yet. I do not feel like anything was missing by not having read the first book, which speaks volume to Ted Dekker’s skills to tell a good story.

There is plenty of mystery and clue hunting to keep you guessing to were the story is going and how Rebecca is going to solve the puzzle she is currently working on. I enjoy trying to figure out the clues before it is revealed and several times I was pleasantly challenged.

Over all A Man Called Blessed was a fun read with a very interesting mystery to solve. You really get attached to Rebecca Soloman and cheer her on in hopes of achieving her goals. Ted Dekker does a masterful job of mixing in real history to make you feel like this was taking from the front page headlines.

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