#NaNoWriMo Day 11

500x411xstephen_king36k+ words, nearly to the NaNoWriMo goal. Let start by saying, I believe more now than ever that the 50k in 30 days goal of NaNoWriMo is not an easy one to do. Some may look at my word count and think it was a breeze to get this far, and that it should be easy to knock out the last 14k after averaging 3,600 word/day… they would be wrong.

A lot went into accomplishing that 36k and I know I would not be able to have done it with out the support of my family. A writer can not accomplish the task of creating a story if they do not get support. Read Stephen King’s On Writing and you will see how through out his career his wife kept him going. And not just family, but the friends I have made on WordPress and the NaNoWriMo site, thank you all.

The other major factor in reaching this point has been fear. No, my wife didn’t threaten to kill me if I didn’t finish. The fear I am talking about is the fear of not finishing. I realized early in my plotting stage that 50k was not going to be enough to tell my story. I would need 100k or more. So I set an internal goal of doubling the word count. I want to finish my first draft in November so that I do not let the December holidays distract me from completing it.

So, all in all, the first 10 days of NaNoWriMo have been a success for me. It has also been a success for my family, as each of them are above the goal to reach 50k in 30 days, and I am so proud to see them doing it.

As for my story, I had a first yesterday, I skipped content. I was writing a scene between a love sick girl and her friend to give more emotion to my story, and it was killing my motivation. There was something about trying to write that scene that was causing my mind to go blank and I just couldn’t get the words out. So I skipped it. I went on to describe the assassin’s plan and the words starting moving like a flood gate was opened.

Eventually I will need to go back and finished the scene I skipped. It really is needed because it sets up tension of a love triangle. It also sets up getting my blacksmith into rescuer mode.Β  But for now, I will continue on with the story and worry about filling that in later. Have you skipped content in order to keep your momentum?

I hope everyone is having fun. If your story is getting a little overwhelming, take a break. Go out and smell the fresh air. Then, once your energy is restored, let that story flow out, and smile the whole time.

Until next time…


15 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Day 11

  1. Great news!! I sure know getting to that 50k is only getting harder and knowing that 50k is not enough for the story is even more frightening. Good luck for all of us. I wish I had family members doing NaNo too…Maybe I’ll get them next year but the support from the forums and on WordPress is more than wonderful, they all deserve my greatest thanks you especially πŸ™‚

  2. Well done for doing so well so far. I understand the need to skip the things that are slowing your motivation – I occasionally encounter what I call ‘bottleneck jobs’. These are the things that I tell myself I ‘must’ do before I am free to do the things I prefer to do. The end result is delay, to the point of inertia. Better to give yourself permission to skip the bottleneck, and return to it later, for the sake of momentum and progress.

  3. YAY! I have skipped over so many pieces I have lost count. Then two or three days later I go back and it just clicks. You have been doing a great job – and keeping the rest of us slackers in line. See? 47 minutes into my lunch break and i just felt a slight twinge of guilt I didn’t work on NaNo. Or eat lunch.

    1. Lunch? What’s that? Oh, you mean I’m supposed to eat during the day. Maybe that would help get my energy back, that and some sleep. But who can eat or sleep when there is a story to tell πŸ™‚

      As always, thank you for your support.

  4. Way to go you! I have done that too, skipped a scene and went back to it later! Keep writing and being motivated! My husband was the one who kept me going when I was writing my book. You can do it! πŸ™‚

  5. Whoa! 36k. That is great. I know what you mean. It was not a breeze to get that far. I feel like I’ve hardly slept all month and the 12k that I have left still feels pretty daunting. Finishing 100k is amazing!
    It sounds like an exciting story. Don’t feel bad about skipping around. I have been writing bare bones and going back and filling in sections. I plan on rewriting large amounts of it especially the dialogue which is shady in spots.
    When we finish it is going to be so amazing!

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