#NaNoWriMo Day 15

Today is day 15, the halfway point. We can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As of tomorrow we will have fewer days left than the days we have done. Feels good, feels scary. I’ll admit I am in a good position to hit the 50k goal, in fact, I should hit that goal today. So why do I find the halfway point scary? I don’t feel I am halfway done telling my story.

Light_at_the_end_of_the_tunnelNot many people doing NaNoWriMo believe that 50k makes a full length novel. At a minimum you need 75k for a YA novel. I am writing fantasy so I am aiming for 100k+ words, and that is where the fear comes in. If I hit 50k today I should be near halfway, but I’m not seeing it. I am starting to think I will need closer to 150k words and I can’t write that all in November. Am I building enough of a habit of daily writing to carry it through the rest of the year? I hope so, I am having too much fun with this writing thing to give it up anytime soon.

I want to give some shout outs to the bloggers on my NaNo blogger list. Lisen Minetti has fought off the demons of the flu and is still above par. Good job hitting nearly 34k! Denise Drespling is keeping pace to finish on time, 26k+ words and counting, way to go! Donna is going strong with almost 24k. Your only 1 good weekend away from getting above pace. Then there is seekingsomepeace. Looks like you and I will be hitting 50k today, awesome job!

Had an interesting conversation with my wife about writing last night. She is on track to finish her 50k on time, but she made the observation that it was getting harder to maintain the daily minimum goal of 1,667 words. She was feeling mentally tired from thinking about what to write, writing it and then thinking about what she wrote before moving on to the next scene to write. My advice to her was to stop trying to write a book and just tell her story.

Sometimes as writers we get bogged down in writing a book. We read books, we enjoy books and books are amazing things. They tell a well polished story with all sorts of adventure, mystery and emotions. Here is a secret, no one can write a book. Books are created through a team and not by a single person. A person, you the writer, can only tell your story. Once you have your story written you will get assistance from an editor (maybe even more than one), beta readers and anyone else you ask for critiques or opinions.

So I have a new motto when working on a first draft of your manuscript. Don’t try to write a book, just tell your story.

Or maybe I’m crazy and that makes no sense at all. I mean, really, who am I to give advice on writing? I have never published a book, none of my short stories have been published anywhere besides my own blog and 46k words is the most I have ever written for one story. All I can say is, I am writing over 3k words a day on average for 14 days straight and that motto is one of the reasons I have been able to do it. If it makes sense to you and you use it, let me know. Knowing something I write helps another would be an awesome feeling.

With that said, HAPPY FRIDAY! HAPPY HALFWAY POINT!Dude_Its_Friday_Cheer_up

Make this weekend one of your most productive, the light at the end of the tunnel is in site and we can start to see the finish line. There are still some hurdles between here and there, but we have learned to jump all the hurdles behind us and we can jump those we are approaching.

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Day 15

  1. First, thanks for the mention! While I am so jealous … er I mean proud, proud … of you for being THIS CLOSE to 50k, I am also super excited that I will be able to hit it too. Hopefully by next weekend.

    As you know, not only did I have the flu, but i also got really irritated with my story last week. It became boring. I ended up having to be mean to my characters. I may take some of it out, but it led to some really interesting ideas that I may not have come up with at first: I broke an ankle (while they were deep in the woods of course); had them tied up and left for dead in a cave; and had one of them shot. Oh and a charm one of them did for personal gain (a big no-no) backfired big time.

    Misadventure at its best! Congrats again on (close to) 50k.

  2. “As of tomorrow we will have fewer days left than the days we have done.” This is a great way to look at things; you’re like a personal NaNoWriMo trainer! Do you also specialize in sagging middles? =)

    The advice you gave your wife is advice we all need to hear! I have the same issue, but I know it’s because I am telling more than showing. (I have to do this in order to make sure that everyone’s motivations are clear for the developmental edit because my memory is terribad.)

    If she can’t put her inner editor aside, maybe she can put it to work by looking for places where she is “telling” and rewrite them so that they are “showing”– should help boost her word count.

    Good luck with your NaNos, and never give up the dream!

  3. Congrats! Half way through! I agree focus on writing a story. I don’t know if it is the blogging format I am used to but I find the middle of my stories is the toughest. I get bogged down in details and go on tangents and wonder how I’m going to wind everything up to make sense. The value to me of nanowrimo is it forces me to keep writing beyond those stumps and push the story onward. You can get the whole story that way and then work on a section that is not as strong later on.
    One time I met Shannon Hale and she told me her advice to new writers is to print what you write, even just at kinkos. I recommend it. The satisfaction your family will feel when they see their books bound will be very meaningful.
    And yes, I agree 50k is bare bones in a story and there are people online who are clearly writing fulltime that finish that in a matter of days. I thought I was fast!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am starting to get scared of the rewrite, I have left so much of a mess behind, but that is how they say it gets done. So I am giving it a try.

  4. Thank you! It feels good to be more than halfway. I’m thinking mine will end up around 80k or so. I’ve actually had the opposite experience of your wife. As my conflicts ramp up, I’m able to write more and more 🙂 Further proof that we all write differently!

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