#NaNoWriMo Day 17

thor_the_dark_worldYesterday was my first post 50k day, so I had to ask… am I still motivated to write? Yes. I wrote just over 2k words on the day, a little less than I wanted, but I got some other great stuff done.

Yesterday I took the family, unplugged them from writing, and we went and seen Thor. If you liked the first Thor movie, then you need to see this one. I am loving the new generation of Marvel movies, all the ones tied to the Avengers movie, and Thor does not disappoint.

The lesson I learned yesterday that has helped, and continues to help, me write is small chunks. In Scrivener you create text files to write in. You can organize these files how ever is most comfortable for you. I use them for scenes. Every scene I use a new file and this allows me to easily reference something I did earlier and it is a great way to plot what is coming up.

So my small chunks plan goes like this. I create these scene documents and give them names that hint at what is in it. I also write a sentence or two about the scene in the document.  I do this for 5 – 10 scenes. Now when I sit down to write, I click on one of these scenes and write that scene. I don’t need to worry where this scene is going, because I already planned what the next scene is. I have found that if I don’t have to worry about where the story is going I can write in the moment better.

I am also nervous about going back and rewriting my earlier scenes because I am finding my current scenes are containing more words. I hope this doesn’t mean I rushed the earlier scenes too much, or that I am getting better as a writer and the early scenes are lame. I have promised myself to continue the spirit of NaNoWriMo and will not go back to edit. I will journey on and finish this first draft before doing any sort of editing.

I hope everyone is having a super weekend, enjoy your family and friends, and enjoy your story.

Until next time…


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