@NaNoWriMo Day 18

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnother wonderful Sunday with the family and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decide to win another game. I almost forgot what it is like to root for a football team and have them win two games in a row. Maybe this winning thing can become a habit. You know, Bucs win against Miami, I win NaNoWriMo, then the Bucs beat Atlanta.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo. I may have hit the 50k goal, but the adventure is far from over. Wrote another 4k+ words this weekend, half of what I wanted to write but still a good weekend. I need to get a groove going and tell this story, I would love to have the first draft done before December, or before Christmas at the latest.

tampa_bay_buccaneersOther than that I am looking forward to a great week. I have some family coming to Florida to visit for the holidays, and to escape the great white north of NY. I hope everyone has a productive week and I look forward to hearing about more people hitting 50k this week. It has been fun following twitter, facebook, wordpress and NaNoWriMo and seeing all the winners.

Until next time…


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