Blog Spotlight: The Writeditor

The Writeditor

Here is an introduction to Ellen Brock from her site:

ellen_brockEllen Brock (AKA The Writeditor) is a freelance novel editor who works with self-publishing and traditionally publishing authors as well as e-publishers and small presses. She owns the editing company Keytop Services and the writing and editing blog The Writeditor. When not editing, she enjoys reading, writing, and geocaching.

I have learned more from her blog about cleaning up my writing than almost any other single source. I feel like I received a college degree in creative writing just from reading the information she offers.

First and foremost, Ellen is an editor. She offers Novel Editing Services through her blog, click here for more information. I find her prices are reasonable for the service she provides. A little high for a hobby writer, but you get what you pay for. I am not a customer of her’s (yet), but from what she offers in other sections of her blog I am truly impressed.

Another service she provides is Coaching/Mentoring. This is a really interesting service where she helps a writer by going through the process of creating a book, step by step. Some of the areas she offers assistance in is:

  • Identifying Goals and Set Backs
  • Initial Assessment
  • Moving Forward
  • Finishing Up

She also offers an Online Novel Editing Course. This course helps you learn how to self edit your stories. There is a preview preview on the link and more information.

Then lastly, she also offers The Ultimate Guide to Writing and Editing a Novel. This is where you find a lot of great information, for FREE! She goes through important topics like Point of View, Tense, Character Development, Telling vs Showing (every writers favorite), words to cut from your novel and many other topics. You can spend hours reading through all the information she provides, and I suggest doing it more than once. Your writing will be better if you do.

Now here is the fun stuff, First Page Fridays, my favorite day of the week. OK, so Friday is easily the best day of the week for most people, but Ellen has made mine better. Every Friday she presents the first 500 (or so) words of a guest’s story and then she offers her edits. Anyone can submit their first 500 words for her to use on First Page Friday and she offers an easy submission process to do so. What I really like is this, even though I if I liked the first 500 words of a story as presented, when she shows her edits I can totally see how it makes it better. Then I use that knowledge to improve my writing. Hopefully, by the time I submit my manuscript to Ellen to edit, a lot of the basic stuff will be cleaned up.

Added to all that great stuff, Ellen also offers an editors point of view on other topics on her blog. She gives great advice and shows a real caring heart to help writers become published authors. If you have a completed manuscript and would like to take that next step toward publishing it, I would suggest checking out what Ellen offers.

In case this sounds like a paid infomercial let me say that I am not currently, nor have I ever been a client, employee or personal acquaintance of Ellen Brock. She did not ask me to write this and I am not benefiting from promoting her. The blog spotlights that I do are based solely on my opinion of great sites that I suggest people visit. I found her sites through tag reading on WordPress and was impressed from visit one. Do yourself a favor and visit her blog, follow it and follow her on twitter.

If you have, or know of, a great blog that is about books, writers, publishing or any subject that is related, let me know. I am always looking for great sites to get information from.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: The Writeditor

  1. Wow, Mike, thank you so much for the spotlight! I really appreciate it. It’s always great to get feedback from writers who have read my site. My blog is still tiny right now and I’ve been working hard to try to gain some traction for it, so this spotlight and your nice comments are most appreciated!

    Best of luck with your novel. I look forward to reading it someday!

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