10 Query Tips from a Literary Assistant — 12/13/13

Really good advice for anyone looking to query agents.

Lane Heymont

I’m an assistant agent at The Seymour Agency. Our agents, Mary Sue Seymour and Nicole Resciniti represent a range of genre: Christian/Inspirational, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Lit, Romance, 

This edition of 10 Query Tips from a Literary Assistant will be a bit smaller than past weeks due to Thanksgiving. However, I’m still going back over my Twitter feed (@LaneHeymont) and addressing the query tips I posted during the week. Here’s this week’s edition:

1) Having someone critique your query is a good idea. They can tell you whether it sounds like the ravings of a mad person or not. When we put words to paper they come from so deep inside us that we can’t recognize — or it’s with some difficulty — how they really sound. What you think might read like a publishing credit could really be read as an insult to every author published by the…

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