Social Media for Authors

Top-3-Social-Networking-SitesThe internet has opened up communication between authors and readers more than at any other time in history. I view this as a very positive thing.

As a reader, we get to stay up to date to when the next installment of our favorite series is coming. We get insight into what authors are thinking through interviews. We can even send emails to authors and get feedback from them.

As an author though, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options for social media that an can be use to interact with readers and other authors. I want to make sure I am accessible and “in the know” of the latest happenings, but what site is the best?

I have set up a presence on the following sites. Some I am more active on than others and I separate them as such:

These sites I use to let readers know when I have updated my blog:

These are writer specific communities that I am starting to be involved in:

These sites I use sparingly:

These sites I really do not use, but set up accounts in case I decide I want to later:

Social-mediaWhat other networks are out there that people use? Is there a writer’s community I should be involved in or a reader site that I should be on so that once I eventually get a book published I would be familiar with how it works?


5 thoughts on “Social Media for Authors

  1. I would recommend using Google+ like you use Facebook. There are big seo benefits since Google favors itself. Here’s an article about it:

    I use Hootsuite to schedule and keep track of social media all in one place so I don’t have to go to Twitter and Facebook and Google separately. That might help cut down on the overwhelmingness.

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