Free ebooks for Marines & ARMED Forces – World Wide.

Here is an author sharing some reading joy for those serving in the military. Show your support by either donating your book or purchasing the books who are donating.

The Paradox Series - By Patti Roberts

john paradoxRecently I received a message from a young marine ( John Korben Leiby Jr.) serving in Afghanistan. Just 25 years old, he is in a foreign country away from his wife and family. On his deployment, he bought a kindle and uploaded my books.
You can understand how moved… I was when I received his message, saying how much he was enjoying my books and asked if I had written any others…. John said – “I never thought reading would be so cool…” So, with that, I began to think about all my other author friends who would love to donate books to those that put their lives in harms way while we sleep soundly in our beds at night reading our favorite books…
 If you would like to donate your books to these brave souls, please add a link to your ebook from Amazon on this page that you would…

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