2014 Is Quickly Starting Slow

The 5k Medal

The first 13 days of 2014 have been filled with a lot of exciting accomplishments and some disappointments for me. Last week I participated in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend… by running the Family Fun Run 5k. This was my first organized running event, and as I have worked to lose a bunch of weight the last year, it felt good to accomplish something physical. As someone who used to run 2 miles several times a day while serving in the Army, running 3.1 miles should not have been a huge deal. Unfortunately I let my body down over the years since I left active duty and I am now working to correct that. So getting out there and running the 5k felt good. My two girls ran the 10k event and both finished in great time. Over all, if you like running, the Disney World events are a blast and I may even consider doing it again next year.

The Blue Route Is The One I Ran
The Blue Route Is The One I Ran

From one accomplishment for the New Year, I now reflect on one failure. So far, my blog has started off slow. I apologize to my readers and I want you to know I recognize I need to post more and I have plans to make that happen. Last week I posted my first “Teaser Tuesday” and would like to make that a regular occurrence. I am also working on some more blog spotlights, and a couple of site reviews that I am excited to share. I wanted to start movie reviews last week, but will try and get my first posted this week.

Me after finishing the 5k
Me after finishing the 5k

I also feel like my writing has not been as regular as I would like. I am working on a short story to be completed by the end of the month, to meet my 2014 goal. I am also working on world building for a fantasy story idea I have toyed around with, although I don’t plan on writing that story until next year, once I get some more experience. I will be working on rewriting a short story I have so I can submit it for an anthology; I hope to see one of my short stories published in some fashion this year.

There is also the excitement of starting my first major rewrite for The Blacksmith of Milani to be started next month. I find I have had to force myself to not think about it and work on other projects. I am hoping that putting it aside for a month and a half will allow me to approach it with as a clean slate and spot my plot holes better.

Well, I hope this rambling mess makes up for the lack of posts recently. I really enjoy “talking” with you all and hope to hear from you. How has your new year started out? Anyone have plans to publish soon? I am also looking for someone who is willing to read a Sci-Fi short story of mine and give me a tough critique, if you would like to volunteer let me know.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “2014 Is Quickly Starting Slow

  1. If anything it sounds like a fun opening to the new year. Congrats on the run and good luck with the writing. I just hit a much needed break before I start my next book and prepping another for publishing in February/March.

  2. Good to see you again mike 🙂
    Glad to hear you have been enjoying your days.
    Congrats on finishing the 5k, and I think you should do it again next year. Maybe I’ll get the chance to do it too soon…Maybe.

    I started on my editing, and this far…I think my novel should burn on stick 😦
    I wish you good luck with your editing and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    See ya 🙂

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