Returning to Reality

Last week I had an amazing vacation aboard the Royal Caribbean ship Freedom of the Seas. My wife and I were celebrating our 17th anniversary by taking a cruise, which has become our favorite form of vacationing. It was a wonderful time of relaxing, eating, sightseeing, eating, fun and even more eating.

This was the longest cruise we have taken so far, 8 days and 7 nights. The cruise took us to Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, George Town Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico.

freedom-of-the-seas-labadeeI got back on Sunday and went right back to work on Monday, those two days kind of blurred together for me and I realized I wanted to update you all on where I went off to last week. Today I am finally feeling like I am getting caught up on reality. When you are on a cruise ship for a week, you have little to no internet or connection with the rest of the world. No cell phones or email for the most part, and it is nice to disconnect for a while from time to time.

If you have never taken a cruise, I highly recommend it if you can. You really get to let go of all responsibilities for the time on board and let others take care of your needs. All your food is taken care of and all the cleaning too. It really recharges the soul.

Royal_Caribbean_logoSo now that I am back and rested up I am looking forward to getting some stories down on paper. I am almost done with a short story to keep up with my goals for 2014, and I am rewriting a short I did last year to submit for an anthology. I am also getting excited because my plan is to start my rewrite of my NaNoWriMo manuscript next week. That is going to be a huge project, but I am looking forward to seeing the manuscript develop into an actual novel.

Hope all of you are doing well. I have some individual tales to tell from the cruise and hope to share those later this week and next. Hint, one involves Dreamworks characters.

Until next time…


One thought on “Returning to Reality

  1. Happy Anniversary and I am thrilled that you didn’t get sick on the ship. Taking time away from it all to unwind and vacation is just what is needed to re-energize you. Welcome back and I look forward to your writing updates! 🙂

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