Confessions of an Ebook Hoarder

Hi, my name is Mike, and I hoard ebooks.

Book Hoarding
If my ebooks were hard copies

It all started when I bought my first ereader, first gen Nook. I have since upgraded that to a Nook simple touch and added a Kindle paper white. I also own a tablet and read ebooks on all three, sometimes in the same day. I still enjoy collecting hard copies of books and have several book shelves in my home full of books, but the convenience of ebooks and ereaders is undeniable.

Then there came the offer of free ebooks. Bookbub offers several free ebooks every day. Amazon makes it easy to search their catalog for free ebooks and many authors offer free ebooks on their blogs. I have also joined several review sites like NetGalley and Booksneeze that offer free ebooks in exchange for reviews. There are many places to get free ebooks and now I have gigabits of ebooks staked on my devices.

Every ebook that I downloaded, I did so with the full intention of reading. It was only recently that I realized I could never read them all even if I stopped getting any new ones. I currently have enough ebooks to read to last me several life times of reading. Not to mention the hard copy books that are stacking up on my shelves that I want to read. There was a time that every book on my shelf I had read at one time or another, there is no way I can say that now.

booksI feel like I am letting those authors down. Now that I have finished a first draft of a novel and will be starting the first rewrite next week, I understand partly how much work goes into producing a finished novel. I want to be able to read all these books from cover to cover and then write reviews to tell others about the gems I have come across. These authors deserve to get recognition for their hard work and I do not have enough time to do that. Yet I will continue to download and amass an unreadable amount of ebooks.

Please tell me I am not alone. Fellow hoarders of ebooks, speak up and tell me how to cope with the guilt of not reading these works of art. How can I give credit and show appreciation to these authors? I do not want to give false reviews, but I can’t read them all.

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Confessions of an Ebook Hoarder

  1. I have so many ebooks on my computer harddrive and so many ebooks on my Kindle that I, just like you, could never read them in 10 lifetimes. I try though, and am on my 9th book this month. I try, though, do not know when / if I’ll actually read everything on my TBR stack.

    Good Luck and know that you are not alone.

  2. I have 4 real books in my house, and maybe a box of books in my attic. I donated the rest, and am e-book all the way, with the exception of some vintage SF that’s not digitized yet. But I make my reading list for the month, and download those– ONLY those. So, I can’t say I’m a hoarder, but I am as digital as I can be. I find reading real books, with all those pages flapping around, quite uncomfortable.

    1. I recently did a similar thing, after we got ereaders for everyone in our house we donated a bunch of the hard copies we had. It was more of a space reason than a preference. It is hard to compete with the convenience of digital though.

  3. You’re definitely not alone. I’m terrible for downloading books onto my kindle, plus I also like to buy real books and swap between how I read. I wish I could read faster, there are so many great books out there I want to read, but not enough time!

    1. Between hardcopy, digital and audio, I find I am reading 2 or 3 books at the same time. Still don’t feel like there is enough time to get to them all, but it sure is fine trying. Thansk for stopping by.

  4. I keep on getting new books everyday, read a couple and download new ones when many are still stacked somewhere on my computer and tablet.
    I blame this on being busy, but let’s face it, these books should rebel on me.
    I kind of don’t feel guilty about this yet, because I still think I might get to read these books, one day…
    Why do I have the feeling that’s not going to happen?

  5. As a registered blind book lover, I grew up listening to countless spoken word renderings of the classics and other genre on cassette tape. I also read braille voraciously, although only a small amount of print books make it into braille. Today I read mainly ebooks with the assistance of the text to speech facility on my Kindle. I, like you have many titles on my Kindle which I haven’t yet got around to reading but I hope to read them one day!

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