Welcome to Winslet

Join me in congratulating a new author on getting a contract to publish her first book!!

Author Cynthia A. Rodriguez

Hi! So, recently I’ve been hinting at a small publishing house that has offered to publish Mystic Waters. Today is the day I not only share with you my acceptance, but the name of the publishing house. Winslet Press, I thank you for the amazing opportunity to put my work out there. I understand that my story is a risk, as is every other story, and I promise to give 100% in all things.

I spoke with the acquisitions editor, and they should be sending off my contract this week!


If any of you are having questions about the agent that requested my full, she ended up passing due to time constraints. So, that makes 8 rejection responses.


My family and friends are planning events and my editor has been with me the entire way. I’m so excited to see my dreams coming true! 




It wasn’t that long ago that…

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