Blog Spotlight: Bo’s Cafe Life

Happy Friday!

Yes, we have nearly survived another week and a weekend is upon us. My condolences to those that are working this weekend, and my prayers go to those that had trials and tragedies this week.

In hopes of ending your week with a smile, today I want to turn your attention to Bo’s Cafe Life. This is a great WordPress blog by Wayne E. Pollard. I will let him introduce himself:

For over a decade, I’ve been a writer, entrepreneur and consultant by choice – just not mine. I got fired from my last job as the director of marketing for a software firm. Believing that I should live each day as if it was my last, I gave the president of the company a piece of my mind. This made it rather awkward for me when, apparently, I didn’t die that night. I am the author of Minds Before Market Share and my work has been published in The New York TimesThe Village Voice, The Writer, Writer’s DigestChief MarketerPR Week, on the Huffington Post, and in way too many other publications to list.

His blog, Bo’s Cafe Life, presents his comic strip that speaks to the life of a writer through the discussion of friends at a coffee shop. Not only does he have a sharp wit to his humor that makes me laugh, I love his originality in how he presents his jokes, behind coffee cups. Here is an example:


Each of his characters are represented by a different coffee cup, so once you read it a bit you will recognize who is involved just by their cup. A lot of his jokes poke fun at writers, publishers and the industry in general. It shines a light on habits and stereotypes to show how silly some of them are.

That’s about all I can say about his blog because I would rather you just go there and enjoy his comics. Let me warn you though, it will cost you hours of your life if you keep turning the pages. Do yourself a favor and follow his blog.

I hope you all enjoy your time on his blog, and mine. I’m hoping to have some good news to share soon and I am putting the finishing touches on a short story to publish here for you to read.

Until next time…


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