What am I working on?

bookRecently I was doing an inventory of my current works in progress. Word counts work good for when you are writing your first draft manuscript, but I needed another way to measure my progress during the re-writing phase. I use Scrivener to do all my writing, this has allowed me to create the habit of creating a lot of “scenes” (individual files) to break up my work. So each of my current WIPs have a number of these scenes and I can measure my progress by how many of these I have managed to re-write.

The first WIP I am trying to complete and ready for publishing is a non-fiction. I hope to tell you all more about this real soon. I actually completed the first re-write and I am working on a second after getting some great reader feedback.

WIP #1 “Non-Fiction”: 7/38 parts

My second WIP is my NaNoWriMo manuscript, a fantasy story that has 67 parts. This re-write is a more daunting task because I need to do a lot of clean up on geography, time frames and filling plot holes. This is what happens when you write 96k+ words in about 45 days.

WIP #2 “Blacksmith of Milani”: 5/67

I also have some short story projects that I work on to add variety to my writing life. I’m thinking of doing 2 10k stories during next months CampNaNoWriMo, but I have not made that decision yet.

I was also excited to see some NaNoWriMo writing buddies have published their books already. You can see my book reviews for Blood Oath by Samantha Coville and Femme by Delia Strange. If you have published your NaNoWriMo story, let me know. I would be more than happy to promote your book here.

Until next time…


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