Why Self-Publish?

C T Brown

Why self-publish? It is a question that gets asked a lot. A question that has a huge assumption at the heart of it, it assumes you can simply choose between the traditional publishing route and self-publishing. You can’t. You can choose to submit your work to agents, hope that one of them decides to accept you as a client, hope they can get a publisher to read your work and finally hope that the publisher will (eventually) publish it. There’s a lot of ‘hope’ in that process. If you really want to understand how near-impossible it is to get published traditionally (and to read a far superior post to this about self-publishing) check out ‘The State of Self Publishing’ on the great Hugh Howey’s blog (http://www.hughhowey.com/the-state-of-self-publishing/). Please come back here after you do. Please. Seriously, I need readers.

So, why aren’t I trying the traditional publishing route? Simple answer, I…

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