Digital Book Day

On July 14 (next Monday) is hosting the first ever Digital Book Day. This looks like a great idea to promote the changing medium of the book industry by providing free ebooks to readers for one day. Their site explains it like this:

These are the times that try men’s souls—if you’re at all involved in publishing, that is.

With all the chaos surrounding our industry, we thought it time to focus on the one person publishing can not survive without: The Reader.

On July 14th (that’s Bastille Day, by the way) we’d like to give our Readers what they most love: books.

Specifically one of our books. For FREE!

Yes, Monday, July 14th is the first Digital Book Day. A day to celebrate readers, stories, and the authors who create them.

We’re asking everyone to offer readers a free e-book on July 14th.

How you do it is up to you. Use your website, a digital venue, or a giveaway site. Want to give away a bundle or story collection? Fine with us. Want to promote a book that’s already permafree? We don’t care. Want to band together and do a group promo with friends? We think that would be brilliant!

All we want is to honor our readers and let them know that we put their needs first.

Interested in participating? Add your name and a link to your free book to the list HERE and download the Digital Book Day graphics to help spread the word.

NOTE: One listing per author, please! Book info must be submitted via the form HERE before midnight Saturday, July 12th

I’ll be checking this out, I hope you find some good reads there also.


Until next time…


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