Book Review: The Circuit

The CircuitThe Circuit by Rhett C. Bruno

Rating: 7/10

What a great, original read that one was. I received a copy of The Circuit from the author, Rhett Bruno, in return for an honest review. Up front, I am a fan of sci-fi/fantasy, and the more epic the better. The Circuit was not epic in scale, although there are more than enough locations and people to learn about to give it an epic feel, and it was not a traditional Sci-Fi story, more on the lines of a Asimov story with a little less philosophy.

Rhett builds an original future scenario where humans are living amongst the stars of our solar system after sucking the Earth dry of it’s resources. Now, here comes my one complaint about the story. Rhett tells us through his characters about the circuit they live in and how vital it is, but doesn’t tell us where the circuit came from. Sure, he does give the reader enough information to understand the circuit, but a geek like me would have loved an info dump on the nuts, bolts and history of the thing.

Even that did not take away from the incredible character development. Not sure who the good guys are or the who the bad guys are, and I like it that way. There are some jerks you know you want to see die, but most of the people you root for are not your typical good guys, which makes them feel real.

I would like to thank Rhett for asking me to read this story and say, well done. I would recommend this book to anyone who reads. Some language may make it unsuitable for younger audience, but content is kept appropriate for most. You will not wait your time or money by buying The Circuit.

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