Kindle Scout: a great opportunity for writers and readers.

A couple of weeks ago Amazon launched a new service that they are calling Kindle Scout. As a writer, and as a reader, I am excited about this new program. For those of you who have not heard of Kindle Scout yet, here is the rundown.


For writers. If you have a never before published book. Completely edited, with a cover, you can submit it to Kindle Scout. If approved by their editorial staff, your book will appear on the Kindle Scout website where readers can read a small portion from the beginning of your book. If a reader likes your story they can recommend it for publication. If your story receives enough recommendations, a number only known to Kindle, they will consider offering you a contract for publication. Your book gets 30 days to get as many recommendations as you it can get. You are encouraged to use social media and any other manner you can think of to get attention on your book during those 30 days.

This contract is interesting. They are currently offering a 5 year publishing deal, with a $1,500 advance and 50% royalty on ebook sales, 25% for audio, and 20% for translated works. They do not want print rights to your book and you are free to publish your book in print on your own. There are other legal considerations in these contracts, and I recommend reading their terms before submitting. Overall though, they look good for me.

In the end, if your book is picked up for publication by Amazon’s Kindle imprints, you will get the full marketing muscle of Amazon to push your book out to readers. Pretty cool stuff.

But how do readers benefit? Remember those recommendations I told you about? If you take the time to read the samples and recommend books, Kindle Scout will reward you with a free ebook copy of any book you recommend that gets published. So readers will get to discover new authors and in return get the book for free.

They have made it as easy as possible to read the samples to see who gets your recommendation. You can read the sample immediately on your computer, or send it to your Kindle and read it after downloading 30 seconds later.

Readers do only get 3 recommendations at a time, so use them wisely. If you use all 3, and then come across a better story, you can replace any of your current recommendations with the new one. Keep in mind, a book only gets credit for the recommendations it has at the end of 30 days, and you only get the book for the recommendations you have when that book reaches 30 days.

Overall, this sounds like a great program and I can’t wait to see how it works out. I have already read some samples and made my 3 recommendations. In ab out 18 days I find out if my recommendations get selected for publishing. My current 3 are:

The Invisible Hand by BENJAMIN SOBIECK

Idempotency by JOSHUA WRIGHT


I recommend you check this out. As a reader, or as a writer, Kindle Scout looks to change the game.

Until next time…


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