I’m Back!

After a year of not blogging, I’m back at it. I’ve been writing, just not here, but I missed you all. Did you miss me?

So, what brought me back? Some good advice from a successful author. I’ve always believed that if you want to be successful you should find someone who has already been successful and ask them how they did it, and then replicate it the best you can. I want to be a published author. When you look at the world of independent authors one name comes up again and again, Hugh Howey. Not only do I really like his Wool series, but the more I read about him the more he is a role model for me to emulate.

A couple of weeks ago he published a blog post of his own titled “So you want to be a writer…” where he gave some really great advice on how to become a successful author. Most of it was common sense, but was needed to be said. There was one suggestion he made that I took to heart. “Start a blog and post to it every day.” Lucky for me I already had a blog, all be it a highly neglected blog. That is why I’m back. I’m going to do my honest best to blog something everyday, as Mr. Howey recommends, and see how it helps me.

I look forward to reconnecting with you all again, and meeting some new friends. I’m reorganizing the blog a bit, stream lining it, clearing out the clutter so I can focus on writing. The old posts will remain, but I’m only going to be active on the new content if you leave a message.

With all that said, I have no idea what I’ll write about to come up with a new post every day. This could turn in to mindless chatter… but if Hugh did it and he felt it helped, who am I to say it won’t work for me until I try.

Until next time…


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