One Day At A Time

Day two and I’m posting my second post… can I count this as a winning streak?

I have a confession to make. Since I decided to follow the advice of Hugh Howey I wanted follow his advice step by step. Creating a blog and blogging daily was actually step 3. The analytical in me hates doing things out of order, so back to step one.

“1) Make a long-term plan”

He recommends coming up with measurable goals. As I work as a project manager for my day job I know all too well how important measurable goals are to completing projects. My goal for 2016 is to publish 6 novellas that I will then combine in to one omnibus. I have written the first draft of the first book and will work on rewriting it by the end of February. Then I will be writing book two between March and April, while getting book one edited and ready to publish by the end of March. This put me on course to have book 6 published by December.

I am hoping that my skill, speed, and anticipation of completion push me to get the later books done quicker. But I really think 6 novellas in a year is achievable. I will be keeping you updated on my progress here.

Day two of my new blog commitment in the bag. See you all tomorrow.

Until next time…


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