This Step Is Easy

The next step in the Hugh Howey “So You Want To Be A Writer…” advice column is an easy one for me, on the surface.

2) Reading

I read dozens of books a year. I usually have two books I’m reading at a time, and I listen to another book on my MP3 player. Thinks to the digital revolution finding books to read is easier than ever. Then I read deeper into what Hugh says:

There are some things you only gain through absorption. Read a lot, read the greats, and read outside your comfort zone. Want to write science fiction? Read crime thrillers and romance novels. Learn how to unspool a mystery and how to inject love into your stories.

I’ll need to start reading with a discerning eye. Paying attention to how other authors portray scenes, develop characters, and all the other tools of the trade. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series, so J.K. Rowling will be under my microscope. I’ll also need to find a book from a writer that other’s hold in high regards when it comes to their skill in prose.

If you want to following my reading challenge on goodreads here is the link:

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Mike has
read 10 books toward
his goal of
24 books.



I’m a big advocate of balance in reading. You need to read fiction and non-fiction to make sure you exercise your whole brain. There are lots of benefits to reading either types and if you ignore one you will miss out on them.

Post 4 is going to press.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “This Step Is Easy

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I set my goal at two a month, I’m way a head of that so I might up it in a month or so. Or maybe pick some bigger books. Thank you for stopping by.

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