Practice Practice Practice…

Today I want to talk about the next step in Hugh Howey’s suggestions to become a writer:

3) Practice

This is the step where he suggests to write a blog, and to post on it daily. So far so good on that. Out of the 6 days I’ve now posted consecutively I had 2 filler posts. I would like to get to the point that all my posts have something to say, but one step at a time, right?

Another suggestion he makes is to write short stories. I’m going to take his suggestion of one short story a month and see how that goes. I’ll post them here on the blog to hopefully get your feedback on what you think of them. Let’s schedule that for the first Saturday in the month, so my first one will be posted March 5th. It may not have the best editing, but it will be a complete story with a beginning, middle, and ending.

Mark your calendars, subscribe to my blog, and don’t miss the evolution of an author right before your eyes.

Until next time…


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