Get Lost In Your Thoughts

Going back to the Hugh Howey article “So You Want to be a Writer.” We are up to step 4…

4) Daydream

I like what he has to say about this. “Most of the writing takes place away from the keyboard.” I fully believe in this idea. When you are staring at your computer screen trying to figure out the next paragraph you risk staring without typing. This leads to the dreaded writers block.

Instead, step away from the screen. Go for a walk, a drive, or just go someplace quiet and dream about your characters and their story. I find that on my commute to and from work, more from at the end of the day, I keep the radio low and let me mind wonder to the current story. That way I’m bursting with ideas when I get home.

Daydream time also allows you to work out plot holes and plot twists. Gives you the opportunity to think through these ideas to make sure they have depth.

Well, back to writing my short story. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

Until next time…


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