How Do You Read?

I’ve read novels in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. I’ll read in what ever format I can get my hands on. I’m old fashion as I like to purchase paper books so that I can share them with friends, or collect them to be passed down later, but I’m not shy about purchasing an ebook if the price is right.

With that said I wanted to talk about reading ebooks. I’m blessed enough to own several devices capable of reading ebooks and have tried them all.

My Samsung Note 10.1 tablet has a big screen which is great for note taking or game playing, but it’s a bit heavy to hold when trying to read in bed or during commutes.

My favorite reading device is my Kindle Paperwhite. The back lite screen is easy on the eyes and makes it convenient to read anywhere. It’s light weight and causes me no trouble.

Recently, I started reading on my smartphone. I thought the small screen would be nearly impossible to enjoy reading a book on, but I was wrong. Sure I’m flipping pages quickly, but not too quick as to interrupt the flow of reading. Besides, if I thought the Kindle was convenient, it was nothing compared to a smartphone. I find myself reading on my phone anytime I’m sitting in one place more than ten minutes.

Anyone else read on their phone? Is a better device you would recommend for ebook reading?

Until next time…


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