Everyone Wants To Be A Winner

Everyone wants to be Mohamed Ali, but more often than not, you’re going to be Joe Frazier. That’s ok. This brings us to point 5 from Hugh Howey’s article.

5) Learn to fail

Learning to fail also includes learning to write like crap and not care. Push through. We all write like crap, some of us by the steaming, fly-buzzing bucketload. The reader will never see it. You’ll revise it to perfection and delete the bad parts. The key is to have something down to work with.

Having done NaNoWriMo 3 times now, you’d think I would have this down by now, but I still find myself revising my writing from the previous session before moving on. This slows down progress and can lead to the dreaded writer’s block.

So far I’ve talked about the first 5 points in his article, and there are 5 to go. I want to point out that I’m only giving the highlights here and talking about how it affected me. I suggest you go over to his blog and read the fill thing in his own words. Hugh has made a career from writing and is living the dream, taking advice from him is a good idea.

Also, this is 2 weeks of consistent blogging for me, so another milestone reached. Be back here tomorrow for day 1 of week 3.

Until next time…


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