What Genre To You Prefer To Write In?

I find that my mind jumps between fantasy and Sci-Fi when thinking of stories to tell. I think most of my daydreamed stories fall in the sword and sorcery fantasy worlds, but futuristic sci-fi can get my mind wandering.

There is something about the unknown world of fantasy that allows me to create a world completely. World building is one of my favorite parts of being a writer. In fact, I’ve thought of more worlds than I’ve been able to write in. With Sci-Fi I feel I have more restraints, you know.. the whole science part of it. I know writers are allowed to play loose with the laws of physics in their books, but it’s harder for me to do. In fantasy, there is no law of magic.

The one genre that scares me the most is crime thrillers or mysteries. Writing in a real world setting with a tangled plot littered with clues that makes sense… that scares me. Do you have a genre that you stay away from because you found it intimidating?

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3 thoughts on “What Genre To You Prefer To Write In?

  1. I love speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, etc. And yay world-building! I like to mix in genres with spec fic, like humor and romance and horror. I agree about mysteries. I think I’d find it really annoying to keep track of all those details.

  2. Oh heck yes. I’m trying to write a modern day fantasy with a murder mystery plot. I keep putting it away for when I’m clever-er and wiser.

    I’m with you on this one. I love the sandbox creativity of fantasy. I admire scifi but have no drive to write it. I can comprehend physics far better when I’m reading it rather than writing. But I’d say my go-to for writing is pulling a modern day hero/ine and throwing them back into an old fantasy world. It stems from my personal desire to escape reality and be thrown into fantasy in which I probably won’t be nearly as badass as my characters end up being…

    Another one I veer from is complicated real-world issues and debates. I don’t get too philosophical in my books. I don’t debate strong issues. I’m not out to convince my readers to see any certain point of view. Obviously I display my views and opinions, because those are ones I already know. But I’m not shoving it in anyone’s faces. I write for pure entertainment. Leave the real world out of books, I say, and that is solely my opinion. If someone wants to write about pro/con choice, kudos to them. I’ll stick with my wizards and witches and debate how much extreme pain my OC will endure before giving up.

    Lovely post! I always enjoy stumbling onto yours.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      I think you hit on one of my big fears of real world/sci-fi and that is not sounded like an idiot. When I read sci-fi I enjoy the science part very much. What if my understanding of astrophysics is flawed and my leader laughs at my mistakes? Scary stuff. Where in fantasy if I say the magic sword cut through the iron gate, the gate was cut because the sword was magic… ’nuff said.

      Drop by anytime. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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