We Can’t Recover Lost Time

The thought of all the time I lost is a huge demotivating factor for me. I was a very creative child growing up. I could always find ways to occupy myself by creating things. Of course discovering Dungeons and Dragons opened up vast array of creative outlets. But nothing I created lasted.

Fast forward to 11 years ago. I got the itch to write once a gain and I started a website where I could post chapters of a story. I didn’t know what blogging was, I’m not even sure it existed back then, but I put my story out there in hopes someone would read it. Just like before, it didn’t last.

It was NaNoWriMo 2013 that I got serious about writing again. Self-Publishing had just taken off and I put down 88k words in 30 days. Then I did nothing else with it. NaNoWriMo 2014 came around and I completed 51k words in 30 days, and NaNoWriMo 2015 I hit 58k words. All great accomplishments, but none of it has resulted in me writing regularly.

Each step along the way I look back and wonder where I would be today if I had taken writing seriously. I try to image 11 years of writing daily, how good my craft would be, how many books I would have published, and what stories I would be prepared to tell moving forward. And then I look at where I really am and it kills my motivation.

But this is not a sad post because I’ve realized something. If I take my writing seriously today and I begin writing daily today, then 11 years from now I’ll be writing some amazing stories for people to enjoy.

If you’re like me and you let the failures of the past keep you from succeeding in the future… then join me in doing something today that we will thank ourselves for in the future. If we write today and do it again tomorrow, we’ll string together enough todays and tomorrows that our goal will be achieved.

My heart is beating and I have a story to tell. Nothing can stop me from putting words together in a sentence and let that story unfold.

Until next time…


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